The Wireless Headlight of the Future.
Brighter, Lighter and Smarter in every
imaginable way.

The Wireless Headlight of the Future. Brighter, Lighter & Smarter in every imaginable way.

Bryant Dental Lights

Easily attachable to every kind of loupe or spectacle frame

Yes, any kind of loupes. You can check your pair here:

  • Flak 2.0
  • Tempo™
  • ErgoEdge™
  • Rydon™
  • Victory™
    Exam Vision
  • Carbon
  • Icon
  • Sport
  • Cosmo
    Designs for Vision
  • Buddy Holly
  • Yeoman
  • Nike Skylon Ace
  • TTL with Dovetail
  • Flip Up Micro
  • Flip Up Standard
  • Eyemag Pro
  • Eyemag Smart
  • TTL
  • Techne
  • Sport
compatible with your loupes model

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composite filter

Work with composite effortlessly and without loss of visibility

The precision dichroic filter prevents curing by only removing the wavelengths of light that cure composite and nothing more. This leaves the remaining spectrum of light available to illuminate the field.

When the filter is in place, the light you see is pale yellow and not dark orange. This gives you enhanced depth perception and finer control over your aesthetic work. The filter is held in place with 5 neodymium magnets and a boron steel pivot, giving perfectly smooth transitions and no need for screws that will inevitably loosen over time.

Next generation
material science

The rarest materials, expertly crafted and artistically deployed

With aerospace-grade aluminium and expertly pioneered anti-refective coatings, IGNIS® is one of the most state-of-the-art lights ever designed.

Graphene-impregnated battery packs give maximum longevity and reinforced wire connections prevent failure at crucial moments.


Luxuriously soft and nonstick

Made from polysiloxane to not get caught in your hair and be completely disinfectable. The innovative IGNIS® Slate Grey Headstrap gives you maximum comfort and durability. Able to withstand thousands of disinfection cycles with Wipes, it maintains its remarkably comfortable and aesthetic finish.

Bryant Dental loupes can be worn with or without a toggle.

Battery technology

Where the magic happens

With a combination of highly efficient lens assemblies and beautifully designed battery technology, the IGNIS® Wireless Headlight offers all the advantages of a wired light – and more.

The neodymium enhanced battery plates allow you to switch between batteries effortlessly and seamlessly, meaning you never have to worry about power again.