Lucidum X

Powerful polymerisation with exacting precision for the most demanding procedures.

Predictable Results

Lucidum can output up to 3000mw/cm2 and cure materials faster than ever before. Perfect for paediatrics and time sensitive procedures.


A range of 430nm - 490nm with the peak at 460nm

Adjustable Intensity

Beam intensity and curing cycle can be adjusted.

transillumination light

Built in transillumination light at 20,000 lux.

Versatility at its Finest

Meet a curing light that reacts the way you imagined.

Swivel Head

Lucidum X has a 9mm head that makes it easy to comfortably reach distal aspects of the molars. The swivel head can rotate 180 degrees so you are able to direct the collimated beam to the desired location.

Oral light

Curing mode

Multiple Curing Modes

The intuitive interface around the LCD display enables you to seamlessly switch between the 9 built-in curing modes.

Indestructible to Impact

With a durable aluminium alloy case, Lucidum X can withstand a forceful impact with other solid objects or the floor.

Certified in Germany

Technical information


Incl. VAT

Operation Voltage (Charging Cradle): 5V DC;

Battery: 3.7V Lithium-ion 2600mAh;

Curing Light Source: 10W Dental Blue Power LED.


Wave Length Range: 430nm - 490nm (Peak 460nm);

Curing Light Output: 3,000 mw/cm² ±10%;

Dental Light Output: More than 20,000 Lux.


Handpiece: 228 x 28 x 26 mm;

Charging Cradle: 73 x 73 x 48 mm.


Handpiece: 170 g;

Charging Cradle: 140 g.

Don't take our word for it

Overall Rating
4.9 / 5

Fast contact and excellent aftercare

Fast contact and excellent aftercare

Stevie Robb on 08.08.2019

I can't speak highly enough of the 'Bryant experience'. From speed of contact after interest, Connor's visit for measuring up to the after-delivery follow-up. Everything has been seamless. Oh, and the loupes and light are outstanding! Highly recommended.

Verified Buyer

Custom measurements and constant updates

Custom measurements and constant updates

Anonymous on 16.01.2018

Connor Bryant came to the practice to show us the array of loupes he had. There was no nonsense with anything he said, he was just straight to the point and got us measured up. The customer service was great as well. I was always kept up to date about the progress of the development of the loupes. The loupes which are manufactured by xenosys are light (lighter than my own glasses btw) and just easy to use and very compact. I would happily do business with this company when I go for a set of higher magnification loupes next time.

Verified Buyer

The definition of great customer service

The definition of great customer service

Sagar Patel on 08.11.2019

Bryant and co haven't got great customer service. They are the definition of what great customer service should be! Tom, Connor and all their colleagues are always extremely helpful. Can't go wrong with these guys!

Verified Buyer

I can't fault the service at all

I can't fault the service at all

Josh Sharma on 05.11.2019

Having come across many different loupe companies, immediately when I came across Bryant dental I knew this was the company for me. Having dealt with Tom he was not only professional throughout the whole experience but exceeded all expectations. From the Initial consultation to the post care I can’t fault the service at all. Bryant dental are constantly innovating and always ensuring the highest product care. I highly recommend Bryant dental and Tom to all dentists whether being experienced or still at university.

Verified Buyer

The final product is excellent

The final product is excellent

Chris Leech on 01.11.2019

A company where customer satisfaction is integral to their business model. My first set didn’t fit quite correctly and they promptly remeasured and remade them as quickly as they could. The bottle of bubbles with delivery as an apology for the delay was most appreciated. Thomas was a pleasure to deal with and the final product is excellent.

Verified Buyer