Lucidum X

Powerful polymerisation with exacting precision for the most demanding procedures.

Predictable Results

Lucidum can output up to 3000mw/cm2 and cure materials faster than ever before. Perfect for paediatrics and time sensitive procedures.


A range of 430nm - 490nm with the peak at 460nm

Adjustable Intensity

Beam intensity and curing cycle can be adjusted.

transillumination light

Built in transillumination light at 20,000 lux.

Versatility at its Finest

Meet a curing light that reacts the way you imagined.

Swivel Head

Lucidum X has a 9mm head that makes it easy to comfortably reach distal aspects of the molars. The swivel head can rotate 180 degrees so you are able to direct the collimated beam to the desired location.

Oral light

Curing mode

Multiple Curing Modes

The intuitive interface around the LCD display enables you to seamlessly switch between the 9 built-in curing modes.

Indestructible to Impact

With a durable aluminium alloy case, Lucidum X can withstand a forceful impact with other solid objects or the floor.

Certified in Germany

Technical information


Incl. VAT

Operation Voltage (Chargin Cradle): 5V DC;

Battery: 3.7V Lithium-ion 2600mAh;

Curing Light Source: 10W Dental Blue Power LED.


Wave Lenght Range: 430nm - 490nm (Peak 460nm);

Curing Light Output: 3,000 mw/cm² ±10%;

Dental Light Output: More than 20,000 Lux


Handpiece: 228 x 28 x 26 mm;

Charghing Cradle: 73 x 73 x 48 mm.


Handpiece: 170 g;

Charghing Cradle: 140 g.