Lumadent Dental Light A better way to see

The LED is a 60,000 lux powerhouse packed into a sleek 5g aluminium casing. It will provide a uniformly lit field of vision no matter which part of the oral cavity you look at.

See Every Detail

Lumadent Dental Light

LumaDent LED Light System

The Lumadent LED Light System comes with either one or two battery packs. It produces up to 60,000 lux for up to 24 hours, so you can use it for a full day. We provide a 45 day guarantee with free returns, so if you don't love the Lumadent LED light, then we'll refund you in full.

All accessories come as standard, including composite filter, cable management kit and long/short connector wires.

Superb Light Quality

Advanced LED technology produces 60,000 lux (5570 foot candles) at a colour temperature of 5000 kelvin (daylight). This is enough light to spot the faintest of ulcers and the tiniest MB2s. All accessories come as standard; composite filters, re-enforced wires and cable management tools.


Easily Replaceable Wires

All wires have cyclical fatigue and will eventually fail. We've thought carefully about design and ensured the LED unit has a detachable wire. This means, if the wire fails, instead of replacing the LED, you can replace the wire. We provide 2 wires as standard and can be replaced from £10


An enormous 60,000lux (5570 foot-candles)

See Everything. From dubious margins to tiny MB2s Built with an ultra-light aluminium casing for a durable and beautiful finish. Mounts onto any frame with our bespoke connectors.


Defies Gravity at a virtually weightless 5g LED.

Incredible engineering means this headlight can rest effortlessly on your frames and illuminate your entire field of view.


Incredible Focus. Light just where you want it.

Forget unpredictable technology. A well-designed purely mechanical switch guaranteed to work when you want it to. Built-in adjustable knob for precise control over light output.


Last All Day.

We've packed a huge amount of charge into this battery control unit so it will last all day. 24 hours to be precise.

Technical Specifications


Weight 5g

60,000 lux illumination

10-24 Hours battery life

Replaceable cable

Full aluminium construction

Lifetime LED warranty