Shields are designed to fit effortlessly onto your loupes and protect you from the biocontamination created during dental surgery. The attachment kit can be added to your loupes within minutes so you can begin using your iShields straight away.


Easy to clean and replace

Precision engineered magnets will hold your iShields from either side so you can replace and wipe them easily. Whilst the Ultra High Grade P.E.T helps maintain visual clarity without eye strain.

Medical Grade Compliance

Featuring full face protection from Ear to Ear and Chin to Forehead.

Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch Coatings

High clarity PET to help resolve fine detail

Compliant with REGULATION (EU) 2016/425 as Person Protective Equipment.

Bespoketo your loupes

Works with every frame.
Select your frame style in the store and purchase your iShields subscription.

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For Your Galilean Telescopes

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For Your Prismatic Telescopes