The MagStrap®

A whole new patent-pending design to fasten your loupes with infection control in mind. The MagStrap®️ uses an advanced silicone polymer to retain grip on the arms and remain frictionless on your hair.


Available to All

The MagStrap®️ is designed with everyone in mind. This innovation allows integration with any brand of loupes

Our IGNIS®️ Wireless Light System already contains MagStrap®️ technology.

Compatible with:

Bespoke To You
And Your Loupes

The Gold-enhanced neodymium magnets to secure the MagStrap®️ are fully adjustable to give a precision fit.

We include instructions on how to customise your MagStrap®️ for the perfect fit within a few minutes. It's super simple.

Already an existing customer?

Owners of the IGNIS®️ Wireless Headlight System will be upgraded to the new Magnetic Headstrap Technology free of charge - we will contact you directly to arrange this upgrade

If you have BD loupes, but no IGNIS®️ Headlight; we will upgrade you to the MagStrap®️ free of charge. You will receive a full discount code over email.

Stay Safe

Made from a carefully engineered silicone so you can use your usual clinical wipes and be confident your loupes are safe and clean to use.

Perfect Fit

Features gold-enhanced neodymium magnets to secure the straps with the utmost biocompatibility and precision fit.

Saves Hair

Your hair will glide seamlessly over the top with zero friction so you can work with confidence and comfort.