The world's lightest

Counter-balancing headlight.

The brightest headlight that makes your loupes feel lighter.

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The new generation of Ignis

Universally compatible
with all loupe brands.


Gesture Control.

The Ignis Gesture wireless headlight system uses gesture control for completely aseptic control.

Move your mouse across the sensor.
With a dichroic filter as standard for incredible depth perception even when working with composites, See fine details better when it matters.
Touch the sensor to turn on and off.
Featuring ultra-sensitive gesture control
for completely contact free operation.

Now with Gesture control.

Featuring adjustable illumination.

A surgical headlight with adjustable brightness settings so you have the perfect level of illumination for every procedure.

Unlimited power.

Equipped with a dual battery system as standard, and neodynium magnets Ignis Gesture’s batteries can be switched seamlessly for outstanding illumination without interruptions.

Smart charging technology.

With seamless switching, you won’t need to worry about battery life again.

Designed for Refractives.

Compatible with all loupes.

Excellence without compromise.

Doing what you love shouldn’t be difficult. We have listened to your clinical problems and created solutions, allowing you to focus on nothing but achieving excellence.