Seeing is Believing.

The most advanced dental loupes ever designed; built completely bespoke to you. Arrange a free demo to get measured up and start your journey. 



magnification choice

14-27 individual lenses are contained within each telescope to deliver stunning clarity from just 24 grams. 4 magnification choices are available and we keep things simple by uncompromisingly designing each telescope to optimise your field of view, depth of focus and clarity. 



Galilean Telescopes



Prismatic Telescopes




 Depth of Focus

Depth of Focus
3-5x greater depth of focus than ever before. This means your patient can move whilst you maintain visual focus.

Field of View

Width of Field
Unique lens design within the telescope will give you the widest imaginable field of view. Full arch at even 5x.

Loupes Material

Frame Material
Aerospace grade Aluminium alloy for high strength and unbelievably low weight loupes without any flexure.

Angle of Declination

Angle of Declination
Xenosys telescopes are set through the lens by heating and rapidly cooling so glue is not used. This allows declination angles at least equal to flip up designs.



Technical DETAILS




Loupes deliver magnified vision to dramatically improve the important aspects of dental surgery. With enhanced vision, you have the power to perform your best dentistry. The smallest of details, made large, for quicker more precise treatment. Not all loupes are made equal and we have searched and independently compared the entire market before working with Xenosys and bringing you these loupes. 



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