Meet the world’s lightest

ergonomic loupe - Now available online

Measured online, sold globally, serviced locally.

Refractive lite

World’s lightest, measured online, sold globally and serviced locally.


Outstanding optics, ground-breaking ergonomics.

Our signature optical technology, reimagined into a revolutionary design to ensure perfect posture. Achieve excellence without compromising on comfort.


    Complete protection, uncompromised vision.

    iShields are back and better than ever.

    Meet Halo

    Incredible light clarity, unparalleled power.

    The Halo wired headlight features our signature illumination with an outstanding 60 hour battery life.

    Calling all students

    Magnify your future.

    We’re running a study on clinical ergonomics which gives you back on your Refractives and headlight purchases.

    Aura AI

    Join us in redefining dentistry.

    Meet the smart record. Aura is an AI personal assistant designed to learn based on your clinical findings. Perfect, in the click of a button.


    Perfect illumination without limitation.

    Designed to enable wireless, weightless optical enhancement. Ignis brings you perfect illumination with simplicity.


    Optical excellence for extraordinary dentists.

    The world’s lightest, ultra-bespoke dental loupes.


    A one stop solution for heating all of your dental materials.

    The most efficient way to heat composites, local anaesthetic and hypochlorite, C-Flo makes performing at the highest level simpler, faster and smarter.

    Lucidum X

    A cure you can trust.

    Lucidum X composite curing wand adapts to the way you work so you can do the things you love, without sweating the small stuff.


    Light-weight, versatile, reliable.

    Secure your loupes with complete comfort and confidence.