Ultra Bespoke Dental Loupes

We use 32 million reference points on your face provided by 3D scans and micrometer precise craftsmanship to create unimaginably light weight dental loupes with stunning clarity


Full Arch Field of View even at 5x Magnification

We rethought everything we knew about Loupes and Lenses to deliver our largest ever field of view. Custom engineered to the most exacting standards, our lenses are thinner and more perfectly curved than ever before. We've built the world's lightest, clearest pair of loupes. For dentists who don't want to compromise on quality. 


World's Lightest. 

Xenosys loupes are made from aerospace grade aluminium to ensure uncompromising rigidity at the lowest possible weight. The telescopes blend seamlessly and securely into the frame at the exact angle and distance we measure at your initial appointment. These frames were specifically designed to be loupes.