Fasten your loupes the smart way.

Quick release fasteners that glide.

Magstrap features gliding toggles which come together for a carefully engineered biocompatible fit, making it both easy to put on and easy to take off.


Fitted to you.

Features gold-enhanced neodymium magnets to secure the straps for the ultimate, reliable fastening.

Completely cleanable.

Made from a carefully engineered silicone so you can use your usual clinical wipes and be confident your Magstrap is safe and clean to use.

No more hair pulling.

Your hair will glide seamlessly over the top with zero friction so you can work with confidence and comfort.

Compatible with any pair of loupes.

Secure with confidence.


Lightweight, versatile, reliable.

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Currently have non Bryant Dental loupes?

The Magstrap ensures that your loupes consistently sit at the correct position on your face for optimal optics.

Our Magstrap is compatible with all brands of loupes, so you can ensure a reliable and secure fit.

All our loupes come with the Magstrap in the box.

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Already have
Bryant Dental loupes?

Bryant Dental loupes are designed to be used with the Magstrap.

This ensures that our loupes always sit at the correct position whatever the procedure, so that you can rely on our signature optical excellence.

All our loupes come with the Magstrap in the box.

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A game-changing magnetic fastening system so you can tighten your loupes without catching your hair.

The perfect fit, every time.

The Magstrap was designed primarily for BD Loupes and Refractives, to ensure that they always remain at the perfect position for optical excellence.


£35.00 Inc. VAT
26.5 g
228 x 28 x 26 mm
Compatible with
Every brand of loupes