This is Halo.

Exceptional illumination, incredible battery life.
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Work for a whole week, without charging.

The HALO has our longest ever battery life, lasting over 60 hours. 
Illuminate your best work.

unparalleled power.

Incredible clarity.

HALO offers oustanding edge to edge 
light clarity, which ensures the resolution of even the smallest detail.
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Compatible with all Loupes.

Our bespoke brackets mean that no matter which  loupes you 
use, we have a solution for you.

Designed with hyper-flex wire.

Designed with hyper-flex wire which withstands over  100,000 bends- this means it can adapt to the way you 
work- not the other way around.
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Four brightness modes for easy adjustment.

Incredibly bright, and fully adjustable, so you can completely and easily control your illumination.
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Two configurations to suit every clinician.

Halo comes in 1 and 2 battery configurations, 
to suit you and the way you work.
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Great clinicians change lives. We believe that the optics we create for these clinicians should feel like the first time they wear a pair of prescription glasses - as though it’s the first time they’ve seen the world as it really is.
Our mission is to bring the most human-centric technology to every clinician on the planet. Biomimetic technology that is without weight, and so clear that it feels as though human sight has been amplified, not just magnified.

Loupes that work to go beyond the limits of human vision.

This is humanity, augmented.