A cure you can trust.

Lucidum X

The Lucidum X composite curing wand achieves powerful polymerisation with precision, every single time. Improve the life of your composites, in the click of a button.

Predictable results and fast.

Lucidum X can output up to 3000mw/cm² and cure composite in record time, at just 5 seconds.

A complete head turner.

Comfortably reach even distal aspects of the molars with the 180 degrees rotating swivel head that directs the beam to the desired location.

Access all areas.

Lucidum X has a compact head size, allowing you to reach the depths of even the most minimal cavity.

A cure for
every dentist.

The Lucidum X is completely versatile and can be used to cure a variety of materials in any clinical situation.

Adaptable to you.

Seamlessly switch between the 9 different curing modes and let Lucidum X adapt to the way you work, whilst you focus on nothing but doing what you love.

Built to last.

Engineered with impact proof aluminum and equipped with water proof sleeves, Lucidum X is designed to withstand the impact of daily life in the dental practice.

Power up on the go.

Lucidum X goes wherever you do, with its cordless charging dock allowing you to recharge on the move.

Brighter than ever before.

Lucidum X has a built in transillumination light at 20,000 lux, for powerful visualisation of cracks and caries.

Composites, reimagined.

Lucidum X: the most powerful, versatile and simple way of curing composites.

Lucidum X

  • Handpiece: 166g
  • Charging dock: 208g
  • Handpiece: 228 x 28 x 26 mm
  • Charging dock: 73 x 73 x 48 mm
Operation Voltage:
(Charging dock): 5V DC
3.7V Lithium-ion 2600mAh
Curing Light Source:
10W dental blue power LED
Wave length range:
385nm - 515nm (Peak 405/440/465nm)
Curing light output:
3,000 mw/cm² ±10%
Dental light output:
More than 20,000 Lux

Excellence without compromise.

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