Buttons and connectors

In the box

Lucidum X
Charging dock
Protective sleeves
Power supply unit (country specific)
Indicator tag


Operating voltage 5V 2.0 A
Battery 3.7V lithium-ion 2,600 mAh
Curing light source 10W dental broadband LED
Wave length range 385 nm ~ 515 nm
Curing light output 3,000 mW/cm2 +-10%
Dimensions of handpiece 227.77 x 26.41 x 27.93 (mm)
Dimensions of charging dock 88.74 x 106.74 x 78.9 (mm)
Weight of handpiece 166g
Weight of charging dock 208g

Storage & shipping conditions

Do not store the device in conditions of high moisture or high temperature.
Do not store the device in places with direct sun exposure.
Do not store the device in locations near chemical or gas supplies.

Operating conditions

Temperature: 5-40ºC
Air pressure: 80 kPa - 106 kPa
Moisture: 10% - 85%