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Are dental
loupes necessary?

Dental loupes are designed to improve your clinical performance by enabling you to see detail with precision. At dental school, whilst you're learning hand skills and the techniques of operative dentistry it's important to visualise exactly where you could improve. The earlier in your career you are able to identify mistakes, the quicker you will learn from and avoid them in the future. If you can't see the ledge on your prep margins, it's very hard to know if you've smoothed it.

The other, but equally important aspect of dental loupes, is improved ergonomics. It's absolutely critical to a long, injury free career, to work in a position of musculoskeletal harmony. This position is driven by the working distance of your loupes (prevents back pain), declination angle of your telescopes (prevents cervical strain), and the optical characteristics of the telescope assembly (determines ease of use and positional flexibility).

12º Cervical tilt

The most important angle in your loupes is your cervical tilt - the actual telescope declination is completely unique to your measurements and often this is overlooked by the majority of companies.

we make sure you’re practicing safely

High declination angle to avoid cervical strain.

Lower declination angle to avoid ocular fatigue.

What are the best loupes for dentistry students?

Dental students tend to start with 2.8x loupes (many brands refer to these as 3.0x for simplicity). This is a great introductory magnification due to the large field of view (how many teeth are visible) and great depth of focus (what vertical height stays in focus). These optical factors determine how easy the loupes are to use in a range of different clinical environments, nurses, and patients. A wider field of view makes it easier for your assistant to pass you instruments.

It also helps you to align fast and slow hand pieces at the correct angles for treatment. A large depth of focus allows you to treat a greater variety of patients and gives you some flexibility of movement which is imperative in the early years of your career.






Edge-to-edge conformity

Loupes should not blur at the edges. The blurring leads to strain and headaches

Low Weight

The lower the weight the more comfortable they will be to wear all day for all of your procedures.

Bespoke loupes

Loupes should be tailored properly to ensure your optimal posture and optical characteristics.

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2.5x Galilean

2.5x Galilean Telescopes

2.8x Galilean

2.8x Galilean Telescopes

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Bryant Dental Partner Universities

The university years are crucial to the dentist's professional development. Through our sponsorship program we ensure we're closer than ever to students so that we always improve our understanding of your needs and wants.

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We partnered up with UK Universities to support dental students become the best possible dentists in the world.

  • University of Leeds
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  • Peninsula University
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  • Manchester University
  • University of Aberdeen
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Dundee
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Bryant Dental was started by a dental student back in 2015. It was shortly joined by further dentists and dental students to fuel its expansion into one of the world's foremost dental manufacturers and suppliers. This focus on dental from the very start has ensured products are tailored specifically for the profession. We know better than anyone the long-term benefits loupes have on our careers and health because we're dentists ourselves.

We proudly support dental student societies from across the UK, Australia & UAE. Ask your union to contact Bryant Dental and have our product specialists showcase our loupes for students in one of your classes.


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